Looking For Healthy Living Tips That Are Simple, Realistic and
Easily Adaptable?

Here we offer a ton of healthy living tips you can adapt for a healthier lifestyle without having to completely overhaul your entire life.

You will learn how easy it is to apply healthy tips to every aspect of your life to dramatically improve your health and the health of our precious environment.

Our goal is to create a healthy living environment in our immediate surroundings. Therefore, we need to focus on the following:

  • Why we get illnesses and diseases.
  • How to identify the culprits that make us sick.
  • How to avoid these culprits by using simple tips, tasks and ideas.

My name is Lilly and I created this website because over the years, I compiled a ton of information about healthy living, and I want to share these healthy living tips with anyone interested in living a healthier life and simply does not have the time (years) to research this information.

Initially, I embarked on this adventure because my husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I researched this disease and it was a challenge because back then Celiac Disease was not as well-known as it is today. During my research, it became obvious to me that we needed to adapt a healthier lifestyle for my husband to regain his health.

This initiated my research of healthy living and I fell in love with it and realized it’s my passion! I love reading about it, I love researching it, I love talking about it, I love living it and I love giving advice about it.

And this website allows me to do all the above.

Here you will find in-depth information about the important areas of our lives, the areas that directly affect our health;

My ultimate goal is to encourage every visitor to make some change, big or small, to improve their health, because together we can make huge contributions in improving the health of our natural environment and inadvertently, improve the health of all living things.

In addition to the information I provide, I also give you the opportunity to contribute. If you’ve have your own tips, ideas or tasks to help us adapt a healthier lifestyle, we would love to hear about it. Even if you have an opinion or comment about anything you read, please let us know. Your contribution will become part of this website.

If you have information right now, simply click here to share.

You will find the healthy living tips suggested are simple and realistic, anyone can easily adapt them. I personally follow these tips and I must tell you, my health has improved dramatically and thankfully, my husband has regained his health, after all, he’s the reason I began this journey.

I think the most fulfilling part of our healthy lifestyle is when I look at my children and see how healthy they are...it’s truly satisfying. I know that I’m doing everything I can for them.

You will notice changes in your health even if you only follow a few tips, ideas or tasks. Imagine, what you can do for your health if you follow many.

I invite you to join me in practicing healthy living tips.

Enjoy Life and Be Healthy!


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