Benefits of Exercise and the Impact on Our Health

Once we understanding the benefits of exercise and how our bodies react during an exercise session, it becomes a great driving force to always ensure that regular exercise is part of our daily routine.

When we exercise, our bodies undergo many actions that are extremely beneficial to our overall health; we shouldn't ignore the facts. Let's discover the benefits of exercise.

Exercise means muscle activity and when our muscles are active, the rest of our body responds. Virtually every system in our entire body does something to help the muscles do their work.

When our muscles move, they require extra blood and oxygen. Our heart beats faster to deliver more blood, and our lungs and respiratory systems increase ventilation to allow more oxygen in the blood.

This increased blood flow expands the blood vessels which involves all organs to participate in delivering blood to the muscles. The working muscle receives its necessary blood and oxygen and begins to produce heat, since the body must cool itself down, the skin begins to sweat.

During this process, our cells; produce healthy hormones, reduce metabolic waste and toxins, receive vital nutrients and initiate regeneration throughout our body. Every cell in our entire body responds in some way to exercise and this is only the beginning. Let’s consider other benefits of exercise.

  • reduces body fat
  • strengthens muscles
  • supports weight loss and maintains healthy body weight
  • burns calories
  • strengthens cardiovascular system
  • boosts the immune system
  • lowers the risk of many diseases
  • improves mental health
  • helps prevent depression
  • promotes self esteem
  • builds and maintains healthy bone density
  • increases energy levels
  • improves digestion
  • increases metabolism efficiency
  • improves coordination and balance
  • increases lymph circulation
  • improves sleep
  • reduces stress
  • improves skin appearance
  • provides mental stimulation
  • helps us get away from our electronic devices which greatly contributes to a sedentary lifestyle

These benefits of exercise are quite significant, for they help our bodies become and stay healthy. As we consider each benefit, it’s plain to see just how imperative regular exercise is on a daily basis. Additionally satisfying, is the way our bodies and minds feel after an exercise session; our skin glows, our mind’s in high spirits and our body feels healthy and strong.

Everyone can and should participate is some form of physical exercise regardless of age or fitness level. Since we are all different; our exercise sessions will be as well. Exercise is a very personal thing; we must select a form of exercise that is right for each of us.

To receive all the benefits of exercise we must incorporate three different types of exercises into our weekly routine. These types are; aerobic exercise, muscle strength/resistance exercise and flexibility/stretching exercise. We can combine all three within one exercise session or perform them individually on separate days.

Aerobic Exercise: This exercise gets our heart pumping and is extremely important for cardiovascular health and endurance. There are many types of aerobic exercises, which is fantastic because it means there is something for everyone. The secret to aerobic exercise is to choose an activity we enjoy, so we are more likely to stick with it.

  • Mini Trampoline Exercise: Also known as Rebounding. Mini trampoline exercise is a great exercise for all ages and physical levels. It gets every cell in our entire body moving. Find out the enormous benefits of rebounding.
  • Walking Exercise: Walking is the most natural exercise. It’s simple to do and can be extremely effective. Discover how to modify walking routines.
  • Cardio Exercise: There are many other types of cardio exercises to suit all individuals. Find one that is right for you.

Muscle Strength/Resistance Exercise: This exercise strengthens and tones muscles which helps increase bone mass, increase metabolism, prevent injury and maintain healthy body weight.

  • Medicine Ball Exercise: Medicine balls are great for all ages and physical levels. They come in all different weights and are easy to handle.
  • Kettlebell Exercise:Kettlebell Training: Kettlebells provide a great cardio and strength workout combined. Kettlebells come in different weights and have a handle for easy use.
  • Resistance Exercise: Discover many other types of resistance equipment. There is literally something for everyone.

Stretching Exercise: Stretching helps increase flexibility, improves physical performance, prevents injury, increases relaxation and helps heal the mind.

  • Yoga Training: Yoga is a great way to develop flexibility. Yoga sessions can offer a relaxing, refreshing workout or a strength-increasing cardio workout.
  • Pilates Exercise: Pilates assists in flexibility development while focusing on core strength.
  • Breathing Exercise: Deep breathing exercises help bring extra oxygen into the body which nourishes every cell, it also promotes relaxation and stress relief.

Some days it may be hard to fit exercise into our busy lives. However, once we understand the benefits of exercise and how it impacts our body and mind, this gives us reasons to exercise.

Every day, we can make time for exercise, for we can wake up a bit earlier, go to sleep a little later, use part of our lunch time or simply stick to a designated time each day. Be sure to select an enjoyable activity so we can have fun while we stay healthy!

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