Step-By-Step Guide Through the Healthy Chocolate Ordering Process

This guide will help you through the chocolate ordering process, please follow the steps outlined below or you may contact me for additional help.

  • Step 1: Select your country and state from the drop down menus.

    *Please note the demand for our healthy chocolate is increasing all over the world. We are working overtime trying to get every one of our products available in every country around the world. We apologize if one of the products you wish to order is not presently available, but do not worry, it will be soon. I can keep you posted. Please contact me at

  • Step 2: Select the “Buy Wholesale” button, for an “annual membership fee” of only $25US, you receive $40US off retail prices on all our products, you literally save money on your first order.

    Please note, I always quote “Wholesale Prices”, with this deal there is no reason to buy the product at retail prices. Additionally, every product you buy for the rest of the year will be at wholesale price.

  • Step 3: Select the product(s) you wish to purchase. If you want your healthy chocolate automatically shipped to your front door every four or eight weeks, select the time frame and the product you wish to receive under the “autoship” option. As a bonus for selecting autoship, you will receive a FREE chocolate product of your choice, every third shipment. You many change your product choice any time before it's sent out to you.
  • Step 4: You will notice an “Upgrade” option at the bottom of this page, if you are interested in becoming an associate/ distributor, where you get paid for any referrals of healthy chocolate, you may select this upgrade. You must buy two products to be an associate/distributor.

    If you are not interested in this upgrade, please ignore this offer and select the “Continue” button and proceed to Step 5.

    If you are interested in making extra money and becoming an associate/distributor, select the “Upgrade” button and you will return to the product page to choose your second product. Once you’ve chosen your products, select the “Continue” button to proceed to the personal information page.

    You will also notice another option to “Advance to Business Builder” in which case you must order an additional 4 products. This option is for serious distributors who really want to make a career from selling our healthy chocolate. If this interests you select this button and select your additional products, I can also help you with any questions or concerns you may have. After all, this healthy chocolate business is extremely exciting and what’s better that eating healthy chocolate, make money selling it.

  • Step 5: After selecting the “continue” button you will be taken to the personal information page. Fill out your personal information.

    In addition, you must select a password under “Back-Office Set-Up”, this information is needed so you can control your orders for autoship or if you wish to purchase additional products in the future. Simply select a password and confirm it.

    In the next section is an area titled; “W-8BEN” (for non-US residents), simply check this box and proceed, this is a mere formality that the company must include, you do not have to do anything other than check the box.

    You will also be offered a VIP subscription to your back office, this is only if you are an associate/distributor and interested in having additional access to other services. This is entirely optional.

    Lastly, check off the two boxes, agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and The VirtualOffice Agreement. Then click the “continue” button.

  • Step 6: Next you will be taken to the “Order Summary” page where you will see the product(s) you ordered and your “enrollment fee”, this is your $25US annual membership fee to receive product at wholesale prices. Shipping/Handling and taxes are also calculated here, you will see your grand total. Please enter your credit card information. Select “continue” at the bottom of the page and you will land on the confirmation page.

Congratulations, you’re done and now comes the hard part…waiting for your healthy chocolate, but don’t worry, it doesn't take long.

If you require any assistance, please contact me at

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