An Amazing Exercise Ball Chair Alternative:
‘The CoreChair’

As I sit writing this page, I’m exercising my abdominal muscles using my ‘CoreChair’. It’s like an exercise ball chair but it’s been reinvented with advanced technology that offers superior support, incredible comfort and an effective workout.  Not typical of an exercise ball chair.

It astounds me to hear the average individual stays seated for 9 to 13 hours every day and it’s such a regular occurrence, it’s now labeled as; ‘Sitting Down Syndrome’.  This condition is recognized as the leading cause of many illnesses and ailments.  These illnesses are inspiring individuals, who must sit for long periods of time due to their occupation, to get involved in active sitting.  Active sitting allows your body to move while seated.   An exercise ball chair or similar product; such as the ‘CoreChair’, are examples of chairs that offer active sitting.   However, it’s extremely important to know exactly what you’re buying, so let’s take a closer look.   

Exercise Ball Chair vs. The ‘CoreChair’

An exercise ball chair is basically a stability ball that sits on a chair frame.  It’s big and bulky and can be unstable, offering little support to the pelvis and spine.

The ‘CoreChair’ is an ergonomic chair that’s the size of an office chair, but it has an adjustable back rest that fully supports your lower back and a comfortable cushioned seat that tilts in all directions.  It completely stabilizes the pelvis and balances the spine while promoting good posture.

With an exercise ball chair you must ensure the stability ball is properly inflated and the right size for your height.  To confirm proper positioning, your feet must be flat on the ground.  If the exercise ball is not the proper size for your height, there is unnecessary strain on your pelvis and spine, this position makes it difficult to engage your core.  Stability balls are made from vinyl, plastic or solid foam rubber, not exactly comfortable, not to mention; they can be sticky, sweaty and slippery.  Definitely not enjoyable when seated for long periods of time.

The ‘CoreChair’ has a lever that adjusts the height of the chair to ensure proper height for you personally, making sure your feet are properly positioned on the floor.  The cushioned seat is extremely comfortable; after all, it was designed by individuals with wheelchair seating development experience.  Comfort and support are top priorities with the core chair.  If you need to sit for long periods of time, comfort and proper support should be your top priorities, as well. 

An exercise ball chair requires concentration to stay balanced and it offers little back support.  You can easily slouch or lose proper posture position while seated on an exercise ball chair.  If you’re spending too much time concentrating on sitting properly, then you are not concentrating on your tasks at hand.

Sitting on the ‘CoreChair’ requires zero thought with regards to maintaining proper posture positioning.  The cushioned seat and the adjustable back support automatically adjusts your spine and pelvis, creating perfect alignment.  Sitting in the ‘CoreChair” is enjoyable making it much easier to concentrate on your tasks.

Performing a workout on an exercise ball chair can be challenging.  Since concentration is needed to stay balanced and in proper position, it becomes hard to get through a workout, especially if the workout requires lifting one leg.  If you’re too busy concentrating on balance; engaging your core muscles will be compromised; therefore, leaving you with a less complete and effective workout.  Although, an exercise ball chair is definitely a step in the right directed of active sitting, it still requires a great deal of effort to sit on for long periods of time.

The ‘CoreChair’ engages your core constantly.  I am working my core as I sit and write this post.  While I’m seated I can raise my legs performing crunches, I can do hip rolls and pelvic tilts, as the cushioned seat offers a full range of motion.  I can also change the level of resistance.  All these movements while maintaining balance and proper support.  Talk about getting a great workout.  The chair moves with you so when you turn or reach for something, it moves with your body always ensuring you are properly supported.  Make your workout as aggressive as you wish or just enjoy the small movements that helps prevent soreness and stiffness.

When sitting in a regular chair, your hips, joints and spine do not experience very much movement.  This is why it can be hard to stand up after sitting for a long time, muscles and joints get sore and stiff and standing can be painful until you take a moment to stretch and move.        

While sitting in a ‘CoreChair’, you are engaging in active sitting the entire time.  Your joints, hips, core and spine are constantly performing small movements, you naturally become more mobile and limber, so standing up from a ‘CoreChair is simple and pain free.

Although the exercise ball chair is attempting to participate in active sitting, it still requires a lot of concentrate to ensure you are in proper position, fully supported, correctly aligned and comfortable.    

Yes, the ‘CoreChair’ was inspired by the exercise ball chair but it’s definitely more advanced with its full support, exceptional comfort and full range of motion, it’s the best ergonomic chair that participates in active sitting.  It’s truly satisfying to be able to sit at your desk while working and know you are not falling victim to “Sitting Down Syndrome”.

My job requires me to sit for long periods of time, there was no question about wanting to get involved in active sitting and I must tell you my ‘CoreChair’ has done just that.  It had changed my life and body, stiffness and soreness is gone and my core is getting tighter and stronger.  I love my ‘CoreChair’.

Share this wonderful product with your company; many companies are encouraging their employees to become more active and what a great way to do so, with CoreChairs’ at your workplace. The CoreChair also comes with a 12 year warranty, that should make many employers happy.

See how incredible this chair is and try it for 60 days, if it doesn't satisfy your needs you get a full money back guarantee! 

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You will love sitting in your ‘CoreChair’; now you can participate in active sitting, strengthen your core and enhance your health.  I promise!

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