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Your Guide to Healthy Living

Your guide to healthy living: You don't have to be overwhelmed or completely overhaul your life. This checklist offers healthy living tips that are simple and realistic..

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Mini Trampoline Exercise: Surprising Full-Body Benefits

Mini trampoline exercise is a great cardio workout offering many great benefits. It’s suitable for all ages and physical levels, takes up little space, is safe to do and benefits the entire body.

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Benefits of Exercise and the Incredible Impact on Your Health

Once you understand the benefits of exercise and how your body reacts during an exercise session, you will always ensure that regular exercise is part of your daily routine.

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Exercise Ball Chair Alternative...Introducing “The Core Chair”

The ‘Core Chair’, similar to an exercise ball chair, offers outstanding support, proper posture alignment and core strengthening. It’s called active sitting and it could save your life.

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Super Supplements: A List of the Essentials

Super Supplements provide your body with an unbelievable health boost that helps your body cope with stress caused by harmful toxins and additives. They also protect you from sickness and disease.

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My Life Has Changed!

I just recently got a core chair, which is similar to sitting on an exercise ball with greater support and control.

As I write this blog, I'm sitting in my chair and exercising my core muscles at the same time, how wonderful is that! This chair is incredibly comfortable and it's designed to properly support and align your spine, while keeping your core muscles constantly engaged.

I couldn't be happier since my day requires me to sit at my computer for long periods of time.

I'll keep you updated with regular posts about my experiences with my new core chair...I'm going to love writing these blogs.

If you want to learn more about this incredible chair, click on the link below. If you fall in love with this chair and absolutely have to have one for yourself, enter my promo code "LillyBellon10" and receive a 10% discount. You will never want to sit in a regular chair again.

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List of Vitamins

A complete list of vitamins; the importance of each vitamin, the relevance it has on your health and what food sources best deliver that particular vitamin.

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List of Minerals: Everything You Need To Know

Here’s a complete list of minerals along with their importance and relevance to your health. Also included are the best food sources that contain high amounts of each mineral.

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Understanding Mineral and Vitamin Benefits

Let’s sort through the confusion of mineral and vitamin benefits. Do we need to supplement? If so, why and how do we select the proper minerals and vitamins to receive the most benefits?

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Simple Air Pollution Solutions to Help Clean the Air We Breathe

Air pollution is becoming increasingly dangerous to our health. Discover simple air pollution solutions to enhance our health and dramatically improve our air quality

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Water Pollution Solutions: Cleaning Our Water Systems

Our water systems are innocent victims of excessive dumping with harmful substances. It's imperative we adapt water pollution solutions, since all living things rely on water for survival.

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Walking Exercise: Simple and Natural

Walking exercise is great for all ages and physical levels. It’s the most natural form of exercise that easily fits into any daily routine. Try modifying it from low impact to high intensity.

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Simple Approach to Healthy Living Site Map

Visit Simple Approach to Healthy Living site map for a complete list of healthy living tips pages.

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Medicine Ball Exercise: A Great Exercise for Everyone

Medicine ball exercise is a surprisingly effective exercise for all ages and fitness levels. These exercise balls can be used for a light workout or a vigorous explosive workout.

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Kettlebell Exercise: Something Everyone Needs to Know

Kettlebell exercise is an unbelievable full body workout. Not only will you get an awesome cardiovascular workout but a strength training one too.

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Simple Homemade Worcestershire Sauce

Homemade Worcestershire sauce can easily be made at home. It’s healthy, tasty and gluten free which is especially important since gluten free varieties can be hard to find in some countries.

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Simple Healthy Homemade Vegetable Stock

A great time to make homemade vegetable stock is when you have various vegetables on hand; use either scraps after making a meal or vegetables that are simply sitting in your produce compartment.

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A Healthy Homemade Tomato Sauce Is A Must In Your Pantry

A basic homemade tomato sauce is great to have on hand since it can be used in countless dishes. No need to buy processed brands at the grocery store, this healthier version is easy to make.

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Simple Homemade Tomato Paste

There’s no need to buy tomato paste in a can, you can easily make your own homemade tomato paste that is extremely delicious, especially if you have fresh locally-grown organic tomatoes.

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Simple Homemade Teriyaki Sauce

This homemade teriyaki sauce is delicious, easy to make and versatile. Enjoy it with meat, fish, seafood or vegetables.

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A Delicious Homemade Tarter Sauce

This homemade tarter sauce is great tasting and simple to prepare. It’s much healthier than the processed varieties from the grocery store and it will nicely complement your next fish or seafood meal

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Healthy Homemade Salsa

This healthy homemade salsa recipe is so delicious and fresh tasting; you will never buy the processed variety from the grocery store again.

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Simple Homemade Pizza Sauce

There’s nothing like fresh homemade pizza sauce on homemade pizza. This sauce is simple to prepare and great to have on hand when you want to whip up a healthy pizza at home.

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Homemade Hot Sauce: Simple and Personalized

Making your own homemade hot sauce is easy and healthy, and it’s a great way to control the heat based on your tolerance. Now that's personalized.

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Simple Homemade Chili Sauce

Stock your pantry with a homemade chili sauce that is delicious and extremely versatile. This sauce can be added to many recipes or used as a side to complement meals.

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Simple Healthy Homemade Chicken Stock

Homemade chicken stock is a great versatile cooking staple to have on hand. It adds great flavour to many dishes and is very simple to prepare and store.

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Simple Healthy Homemade Beef Stock

Homemade beef stock is delicious and easy to make. It’s also a great cooking staple to have on hand, for it adds great flavour to many dishes.

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A Delicious Homemade BBQ Sauce

This homemade bbq sauce is a basic, versatile sauce that complements many dishes.

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Do you enjoy energy drinks or know someone who does?

You must read this mind boggling article about the dangers of energy drinks. Click Here!

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Delicious Homemade Baked Beans

Homemade baked beans are super easy to make, especially if you have a crock pot. There really is no reason to purchase the canned varieties from the supermarket.

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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fitness Equipment is a great way to stay fit and stay outdoors. Not all communities have them yet, as it's still a fairly new thing. So get in

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Healthy Living Tips: Discover a Simple Approach to Improve Your Health

Looking for healthy living tips that are simple, realistic and easily adaptable without having to completely overhaul your life! Find all the information you’ll need to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Eating Healthy: Simple Solutions To Improve How You Look and Feel

A different approach towards eating healthy using simple strategies to help us identify "truly" healthy foods. These foods help your body fight disease and improve your overall health

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Here's the Proof

See the actual press release for our healthy chocolate products acquiring the "healthy chocolate" trademark, click here.

For more information about our healthy chocolate products, click the permalink below.

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Prevent Land Pollution and Preserve Our Soil

Our beautiful land is exposed to serious land pollution caused by excessive dumping and misuse of the soil. Discover how to preserve our land with simple solutions.

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Resistance Exercise: The Easy Way to Lose Weight

If you are not performing resistance exercise as part of your exercise routine, you are missing out on a very important part of weight loss.

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A Gluten Free Diet Can Be the Simple Solution to Improved Health

Gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye may unknowingly be the cause of several health issues. Following a gluten free diet may be the simple answer in restoring good health

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Eat More Chocolate Weigh Less

If you love chocolate you're going to love this article.

It explains some great findings about how chocolate can contribute to weight loss. Something I have always believed.

To learn about other health promoting properties of chocolate and what to look for when buying chocolate, visit my healthy chocolate page at


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Stand Up During a Phone Call!

I come up with a great tip for anyone who finds themselves sitting for most of the day, due to their work. When you get a phone call, stand up and walk. There is no reason to sit while talking, even if you have to write something down you can still stand. You get to stretch your legs, get off your behind and get some exercise as well. Your body will thank you.

Take it Slow

I think a really important thing to consider when embarking on a healthier lifestyle is to take it slow. Adapt new tips, ideas and tasks one at a time.

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Use ground up almonds to replace flour. Almonds are a great source of potassium that helps retain the calcium in our bodies. They are also high in protein,

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