Eating Healthy Organic Food is a Simple Effective Way to Good Health!

When we eat healthy organic foods we provide our bodies with important vital nutrients that our bodies desperately needs for survival. In addition, we reduce the damaging harmful chemicals that are so often associated with serious diseases.

Healthy organic food is produced by farms devoted to the health of the soil, the health of the environment and the health of the people. Organic food is healthy food.

What is organic food?

Organic food has not been exposed to harmful chemicals during the growing, storing, processing, packaging and shipping stages. Organic food is full of healthy vital nutrients that naturally occur in fresh foods. Organic food is healthy food.

Crops are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, growth stimulating chemicals and fertilizers. Livestock is raised without growth hormones and antibiotics. Animals are fed a healthy diet that resembles their natural diet and they live in a healthy environment that closely resembles their natural habitat.

Organic foods must be certified. Although, any business involved with food may obtain an organic certification, they must follow strict guidelines when growing crops and raising animals for food consumption. These farms are closely monitored to ensure they meet these strict guidelines. The strict guidelines also pertain to the health of the soil upon which the crops are grown and livestock are raised.

Organic farmers are devoted to protecting our environment.

To fully understand the difference between an organic and conventional food product, let’s consider this example.

A typical organic egg carton reads:

“Organic eggs are laid by cage free hens raised on a grain diet free of antibiotics, preservatives, medications and animal by-products. The hens roam freely in open concept barns and have access to nests to lay their eggs. They also have unlimited access to feed, water and the outdoors. Organic eggs are certified as having met the rigorous standards of an international organic agency.”

A typical conventional egg carton only displays the “nutritional facts” box. There is no other information offered regarding the raising of the hens, because these hens are raised in extremely confined environments, they are given an enormous amount of harmful chemicals to increase their growth and prevent disease and they are fed a high corn-based diet that also includes harmful chemicals. They have little, if any, exposure to daylight.

From personal experience, I have found that organic eggs taste better; they have thicker shells and brighter yolks.

An important bit of information to note about organic labelling, when purchasing fresh produce is to carefully observe the number printed on the sticker placed on the food item.

If this number starts with a "9" plus four digits, it is certified organic.

If this number is simply a four digit number it is a regular food item, not organic.

If this number starts with an "8" plus four digits, it is a genetically modified food item and I strongly suggest you stay away from it. Basically, a genetically modified food item started from a seed that has been injected with some sort of animal DNA and harmful chemicals.

What are the benefits to eating organic food?

  • The most obvious benefit, of course, is that we’re eating food that is free from harmful chemicals and full of healthy vital nutrients that our bodies desperately need. Since organic food undergoes little modern intervention, its’ natural nutrients are preserved; therefore, we benefit by staying healthy and disease free. See the list of most and least contaminated foods.
  • Healthy organic food simply tastes better, when we eat an organic orange, the flavour and smell is noticeably different.
  • When we select organic foods we can be confident knowing we’re supporting farmers who do not use hazardous chemicals on our food and they do not contribute in polluting our natural environment. Additionally, we inadvertently contribute to cleaning the air we breathe, an added bonus!
  • Lastly and most importantly, we feel satisfaction knowing we are providing our families with healthy organic food that will improve their health.

Where can we buy organic food?

Grocery stores are beginning to stock many organic food products. Healthy organic foods can be found in a separate section of the store or it may be dispersed throughout the store in their respective categories. This option is especially convenient since we can purchase organic food at the same location we purchase other essentials.

Natural Health food stores contain many health food products with a large selection being organic foods. These stores are becoming more and more popular and are showing up in most cities, big or small.

Local farmers markets or specialty food markets are great places to find organic foods. In most cases, local farms supply these markets with their food products and although some of these farms do not necessarily hold an organic certification, their food is organic in every way. They follow the same strict guidelines as organic farms do, a few simple questions can help determine if in fact their food is healthy and free from harmful chemicals.

Online organic food is now becoming a great place to purchase a wide variety of healthy organic foods with the added benefit of having it delivered to your front doors. Many organic food companies now offer this convenient service.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a fantastic way to get a variety of fresh organic food that is full of healthy vital nutrients and delivered to your front door, as well as giving you the opportunity to support our local agriculture. The healthy food comes from local farms throughout the growing season, so the food selection changes as the growing season develops.

Eating healthy organic food provides you with great tasting food; which your family will love, it provides you with important healthy vital nutrients; which your bodies will love, and it contributes to cleaning the air you breathe; which your natural environment will love.

Three great reasons to eat healthy organic food.

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