Prevent Land Pollution and Preserve Our Soil

Our beautiful land is exposed to serious land pollution caused by excessive dumping and misuse of the soil. This pollution contributes to serious health conditions in animals, plants and humans. We have the ability to preserve our precious land by adapting simple lifestyle changes.

Many industries and individuals participate in pollution by dumping their waste products. Waste products such as; domestic waste, agricultural waste, industrial waste, mining waste, sewage treatment waste, garbage, ashes and construction waste, among others. Our soil is becoming seriously contaminated and unhealthy.

As pollution continues and worsens, all living things will continue getting more diseased and ill. Considering how serious this problem can get, should provide enough motivation to take the necessary steps to help protect our soil. There are many simple lifestyle changes we can easily adapt.

Land Pollution Solutions

Inside The Home:

  • Purchase organic food and products as organic farmers and companies strive to preserve the health of the soil and all living things.
  • Always practice the three R’s; recycle, reduce, reuse.
  • Eliminate plastic use and/or use reusable plastic products.
  • Reduce general household waste and establish a composting system stations.
  • Purchase products with minimal packaging.
  • Use biodegradable household products.
  • Do not deposit any harmful substances down the drain, if it’s in the water, it will get into the soil.

Outside The Home:

  • Keep all motorized vehicles properly maintained.
  • Enforce and obey anti-litter bylaws.
  • Report misuse and participate in anti-litter campaigns.
  • Use natural fertilizers and organic compost on lawns and gardens.
  • Preserve forests and promote reforestation.
  • Recycle and dispose household waste properly.
  • Avoid all chemical use, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides on gardens and lawns.
  • Plant trees.

Our beautiful land and soil is in jeopardy of being seriously contaminated by excessive dumping and misuse. All living things depend on healthy soil for good health. We can easily contribute to preserving our soil by adapting these simple solutions.

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