Resistance Exercise: The Easy Way to Lose Weight

If you are not performing resistance exercise as part of your exercise routine, you are missing out on a very important part of weight loss. Without it, it will be that much harder to lose weight and stay healthy.

What is resistance exercise?

It's when you challenge your individual muscles with some type of resistance. When your muscles are challenged, tiny tears appear in the muscle tissue. Don’t worry these tears quickly heal themselves, but it's these tears that help you increase strength, build endurance, build muscle mass and tone your body.

Actually, this type of exercise is not a new form, back in time, the hunter gatherers practiced resistance exercise all the time, they just performed it differently.

They hunted animals, they build their shelter, they farmed their land, they washed clothes by hand and many more activities that we have become so accustomed to do, with machinery.

This is one of the reasons the obesity rate is so high, we are not as active as we once were, we find ourselves sitting in front of our TVs and computers far too often. We sit in our cars for daily commutes or to drive the kids to their extra-curricular activities. We don’t do nearly as many outdoor activities as we should.

So if we want to lose weight or maintain our weight and be fit, we must make time for resistance exercise, also known as; strength training.

It’s a very important part of healthy living because resistance exercise also has many other health benefits.

  • Increases metabolism.
  • Helps with weight loss or weigh control.
  • Improve balance and coordination.
  • Improves posture.
  • Reduces injury.
  • Increases bone density.
  • Strengthens joints.
  • Increases strength.
  • Reduces back pain.

Additionally, when you perform resistance training, you raise your heart rate, so you also get a cardiovascular workout which is great for your heart, your immune system, your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels.

That’s a lot of health benefits involved with strength training and it’s perfect for all ages, anyone and everyone should do some form of this exercise at least three times per week. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, there’s an appropriate piece of exercise equipment for everyone.

Types of Resistance Exercise Equipment

  • Free weights
  • Exercise machines
  • Bands
  • Tubes
  • Gravity Straps
  • Exercise balls
  • Medicine balls
  • Kettlebells
  • Chin up bars
  • Push up bars
  • Body weight
  • Weighted bars
  • Bench
  • Bottles of water, juice or milk, get creative

Many of the above pieces of equipment are inexpensive and travel well, so even when you’re away from home, you can still fit in a workout.

Furthermore, there are many cardio exercises that provide a really good strength training workout, such as Yoga and Pilates; you’d be surprised how easy you can build your muscles with these exercise programs.

Resistance Exercise Program

There are countless exercises you can do with the above equipment; it’s almost overwhelming when you do an internet search. You can select a vigorous hard working exercise program or a light, effective one, just be sure to always select a program suitable for your fitness level.

Consider the following when performing an exercise program.

  • Select a program that works all muscle groups; arms, chest, back, shoulders, legs and abs.
  • Perform each exercise slowly. Do not use momentum. You want to have complete control during the entire exercise, also known as, a rep.
  • Do as many slow reps as you can until you cannot do another, this is known as “muscle fatigue”. You are exhausting your muscle and this is what creates the tiny tears in your muscle, which is what we want to happen.
  • You do not have to lift heavy weights to achieve muscle fatigue, depending on your fitness level, it can happen with very low weights or resistance.

Here’s a simple, yet effective, workout that works all muscle groups;

  • 1) Push ups
  • 2) Triceps dips
  • 3) Bicep curls
  • 4) Lunges
  • 5) Squats
  • 6) Overhead Press
  • 7) Crunches

There are many variations of the above exercises, select one that is right for you.

If you are at a beginner level, the above exercise program can last you for many months, as you progress to difficult variations and more reps.

Once you start this strength training exercise program you will be amazed by the increase in your energy level, the transformation of your body and the ability to lose weight and keep it off.

When you visibly notice the changes, you get excited, pumped and you keep at it, exactly what you need to do.

Enjoy weight control through resistance training!

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