Why SBI?
It’s The Real Secret to Online Success

The reason why SBI is the perfect choice to help build a website is because it provides you with the proper tools and resources to have a successful online business.

There’s a lot involved in creating and updating a website and if you do not have the proper tools, it can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you're a newbie like I was.

Why SBI? Here's my story!

My husband became ill and through my research to help him regain his health, I discovered my passion for healthy living. I couldn’t get enough, I love talking about it, living it, giving advice about it and reading about it.

With many years of researching, reading, learning, investigating and evaluating, I realized I compiled a lot of healthy living information. I wanted to make this information available to anyone interested in living a healthier lifestyle, and I thought a website would be the perfect place.

But there was one problem, I knew absolutely nothing about building a website, in fact, I barely understood how the whole internet worked.

I was excited about this idea of staying home and making money doing something I love (imagine having a job you thoroughly enjoy, now that's a rarity), but I was also overwhelmed by the thought of embarking on something I knew little about.

So I did what I do best, I started researching. I needed to find “easy to follow” resources to help a newbie like me, build a website.

And luckily, I stumbled on SBI (SiteSel). It appeared to be what I was looking for, a program that offers all the tools and resources, presented in an easy step-by-step fashion, but I wasn't sure.

SBI offered a free eBook, they actually have many, but this one in particular focused on work at home moms, so I printed it off, made myself a coffee and curled up with the book and a highlighter.

I read it from beginning to end and immediately, I knew I found what I was looking for. I was thrilled!

SBI also offers a free 90-day trial with a money back guarantee. So if I was not completely satisfied with this program, I’d get my money back. You have to love that.

Well, SBI exceeded my expectations by tenfold. There are so many tools and resources available, more than I could ever imagine I would need.

I love the easy to follow action guide which literally takes me by the hand step-by-step to create my website. I went from an idea in my head to a full blown money making website with SiteSell. I could never have done it with them.

If you don’t have time to read one of their free eBooks, although I strongly recommend you do at some point, click on this video for more information about why SBI is right for you.

To hear what others are saying about why they love SBI, visit their facebook page.

SBI has just launched their new BB2, BlockBuilder 2, which is a state-of-the-art training system designed to help you build awesome keyword-focused pages. It’s amazing. To learn more click here.

BlockBuilder 2

If you have specific questions about Solo Build It to see if it's suitable for you, simply click here to ask your question.

I truly love my job, every day I can’t wait to go to work. I’m able to be home for my family, do something I love and make money at it. This is why I love Solo Build It.

Enjoy Life and Be Healthy


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